Miele Rotary Iron

The Miele Rotary Iron is ideal for anyone that performs a significant amount of ironing. It is also ideal for small textile businesses. If you have been accustomed to ironing with a typical hand iron, you will be amazed at the amount of time saved when using this product

This rotary iron plugs into a regular wall outlet (older models required a 220 volt plug), so can be used most anywhere. It folds up for easy storage as well. There are also rollers so that the unit can be moved easily.

The Miele Rotary Iron (model B890E) is foot pedal activated, which frees up both hands for ironing. The height of the unit allows you to sit comfortably while pressing your items. To iron items, you simply feed the item onto the roller, and press the foot pedal. When the pedal is pressed the roller continues to take the item through the extra wide surface, and gently drops the item onto the tray beneath the roller.

Most any garment can be ironed using the Miele Rotary Iron, including shirts, pants (produces a nice crisp crease), sheets, table linens, sewing fabrics and more. The roller is 30 inches wide.

There are 3 heat settings and 5 roller speeds that can be adjusted depending on fabric type, and the lowest setting is even ideal for delicate lace

There is a swing-out bar attached for holding your ironed items.

Miele Rotary Iron B890E Product Specifications:

Full width of the unit is 39 3/8” when in operating position, with 16 3/8” being the depth. The unit can be against a wall without affecting functionality. Height (when in operating position) is 37”.

For storage, the ironing roller unit folds down. When folded for storage, the width is 19 5/8” and the height is 41 3/4”. Changing the Miele Rotary Iron from storage to operating position is very quick and does not require any special tools.

Priced @ $1999.00
Complimentary delivery with purchase.



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